Top 10 Forklift Brands in Durban

Forklift Shopping in Durban?

When it comes to choosing the right forklift for your business in Durban, South Africa, it’s crucial to consider the top brands in the market. Investing in a reliable forklift can significantly enhance productivity and efficiency in your operations. To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled a comprehensive review of the top 10 forklift brands available in Durban. Let’s dive in!

Hyundai Forklifts:

Hyundai has earned a solid reputation for producing high-quality forklifts. With their advanced technology and ergonomic designs, Hyundai forklifts offer exceptional performance, durability, and operator comfort.


Hyster is a well-known brand in the material handling industry. Their forklifts are renowned for their robust construction, excellent lifting capacity, and reliability. Hyster forklifts are designed to withstand the demanding environments of various industries.


Linde forklifts are known for their innovative features and advanced technology. With their precision control and ergonomic design, Linde forklifts provide exceptional manoeuvrability and operator comfort, resulting in increased productivity.

Crown Equipment:

Crown Equipment specializes in manufacturing electric forklifts that are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Their forklifts are known for their quiet operation, precise handling, and advanced safety features.

Mitsubishi Forklifts:

Mitsubishi is a globally recognized brand that produces high-quality forklifts. Their forklifts offer excellent performance, reliability, and fuel efficiency. Mitsubishi forklifts are designed to maximize productivity and minimize operating costs.


Clark has a long-standing history of manufacturing reliable and durable forklifts. Their forklifts are known for their rugged construction, ease of maintenance, and excellent lifting capacity. Clark forklifts are suitable for various applications.

Komatsu Forklifts:

Komatsu is a trusted name in the construction and mining industry, and their forklifts are no exception. Komatsu forklifts are known for their exceptional durability, power, and efficiency. They are designed to handle heavy loads with ease.

Doosan Forklifts:

Doosan produces a wide range of forklifts that cater to different industries. Their forklifts are known for their robustness, advanced technology, and operator-friendly features. Doosan forklifts offer excellent performance and reliability.


Yale is a renowned brand that manufactures high-quality forklifts suitable for various applications. Their forklifts are known for their durability, operator comfort, and advanced safety features. Yale forklifts are designed to maximize productivity and minimize downtime.

Nissan Forklifts:

Nissan produces a range of forklifts that are known for their reliability and affordability. Their forklifts offer excellent performance, ease of operation, and low maintenance costs. Nissan forklifts are a popular choice for small to medium-sized businesses.

In conclusion, when it comes to selecting the right forklift for your business in Durban, considering the top brands is crucial. Each of the brands mentioned in this comprehensive review offers unique features and benefits. Whether you prioritize durability, efficiency, operator comfort, or cost-effectiveness, there is a forklift brand that suits your specific requirements. Take the time to evaluate your needs and choose the brand that aligns with your business goals. With a top-quality forklift, you can optimize your operations and improve overall productivity in Durban.

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