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At forklift Guys we pride ourselves in giving you the best, without a doubt, without delay. With attention to service, and competitive prices for your forklift hire needs.

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At our company, we are proud to boast a well-maintained fleet of vehicles. Furthermore our expert in-house maintenance team consistently ensures that all vehicles are in top condition. Additionally, our competitive rates and trusted service delivery have solidified our reputation as an undeniably reliable service provider.

Find Us In Johannesburg And Durban

The Best in Johannesburg & Durban

At Forklift Guys, we offer clear and flexible options that cater to all budgets. Additionally our daily and monthly rates are highly competitive. Making forklift rental accessible to everyone. Our fleet consists of a diverse range of quality forklifts, ranging from 1.6 to 5 tons. Simultaneously available for short-term and long-term rentals.

To simplify the hire process, we perform all maintenance and servicing in-house. Subsequently requiring you only to provide diesel, gas, or petrol for your chosen unit. Regardless of whether you need a forklift for a short-term requirement, or a longer period. Unquestionably we have the perfect forklift truck and payment option to meet your needs.

With many years of expertise in Johannesburg and recently entering the Durban forklift hire market. You can trust us to provide expert advice on choosing the right unit for your needs. Our flexible pricing options allow both big and small companies to benefit from a quality, well-maintained forklift that fits both their needs and budget. 

When you hire from us you can enjoy:

  • Especially predictable costs
  • Equally predictable payment schedules
  • While we handle all the maintenance.

If you’re searching for forklift rental in Johannesburg or Durban, look no further. Contact us today for friendly assistance and expert advice, accordingly we guarantee we’ll find the perfect solution for you.

Check out some of our available used range.
Linde Forklift Red Refurbishments-Forklift Hire Options
Linde Forklifts
Hyster Forklifts Yellow
Hyster Forklifts
Toyota 8 series forklift orange
Toyota Forklifts



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