Used Forklifts For Sale

We have a wide range of diesel, petrol and LPG pre-owned forklifts available, and will be happy to advise you on the best model to suit your unique requirements.

The advantages of purchasing used forklifts

  • As a rule, forklift trucks are long-lasting, reliable and durable machines – which is why for many companies, the large capital outlay of buying a brand new forklift is simply not necessary.
  • Used forklifts are readily available and have virtually no lead time, so you can start using your new equipment right away.
  • Purchasing a proven model with controls and ergonomics that are familiar also cuts down on or entirely eliminates the need for any additional training for your staff.
  • With all of these considerations combined, the cost savings associated with pre-owned forklifts are substantial.

Why you should buy a second hand forklift from us

Our customised maintenance contracts, wide variety of second hand forklifts serviced and ready to go, highly competitive prices, as well as our vast experience in the forklift business set us apart from our competitors.

At Forklift Guys, every one of our quality refurbished used forklifts come standard with a 3 month warranty, and are thoroughly serviced by our experienced team of professional technicians before we hand them over to you.

We’re passionate about finding the right forklift solution for your company, and take pride in the quality of all our vehicles. Get in touch today, and our expert team will be happy to assist finding the right second hand forklift!

If you just need to hire a reliable forklift, we have you covered!

Fork Lift Maintenance

For that extra peace of mind, we also offer highly competitive forklift maintenance contracts for your used forklift, which include servicing every 250 hours. All mechanical parts are likewise under warranty throughout the duration of your maintenance contract – so you can rest assured you’re covered every step of the way.