If this is your first time considering forklift hire you may be wondering How to Hire a Forklift. One way is to contact a company that specialise in forklifts and enquire with them How to Hire a Forklift and they should able to assist you.

There are a few things to have ready before you ask the company How to Hire a Forklift and the main one is what you will be needing the forklift for. Discuss with your team what they would require out of the forklift you will be renting, if it is outdoor then a gas forklift might be what your looking for. If it is for indoor use then an Electric Forklift is what you need, the reason for this is because it does not give off harmful fumes as it operates on a battery and it is quieter so it will minimise the amount of disturbance to your warehouse or factory workers. Another thing you should know before contacting the company is more or less how long you will be needing the forklift for, this will assist them is selecting a rental package for you. You should try select a company that offers you both a daily and monthly rental rate as well as a variety of forklifts to choose from. It is a good idea to choose a company that is experienced. Hiring a forklift is a cost effective way to attain the services of a forklift as many companies do not have the budget for a brand new one to be purchased.

Forklift Guys has it’s own fleet of forklifts for hire from 1.8 ton to 16 ton forklifts. They have daily and monthly rental options, all their rental forklifts are maintained in house.