Forklifts have many benefits to those who use them, one main one is that they save time as they have the capacity to move loads that are too great for workers to do without breaking it down into smaller components, which would waste time and could even waste money.

Most Business owners want to save money and that is one of the Forklift Hire Benefits as it gives you the opportunity to have access to a Forklift at a good rate, either daily or monthly. But cost is not the only one of Forklift Hire Benefits, you also have flexibility, you could rent an electric forklift the one month for indoor use and then a gas forklift for the next month for outdoor use, in fact you could rent both at the same time. Forklift Hire Benefits is one of the reasons that choosing to hire a Forklift as appose to purchasing one has become so popular. If you don’t have a licensed operator, one could even be provided for your, this does depend from company to company so do verify this prior to renting. Where you go to Hire your forklift is also important as you want one that is in good working order and also get a good deal.

Forklift Guys has it’s own fleet of forklifts for hire from 1.8 ton to 16 ton forklifts. They have daily and monthly rental options, all their rental forklifts are maintained in house. They hire forklifts for as little as R350 per day and monthly rentals from only R4000 per month.